Life Out doors is a Life Well Lived

2016 started with a beautiful day of skiing at Bogus Basin with Todd (aka Tallboy).  The groomers were buttery and remanents of powder could be found on the north slopes.  Sunshine kissed and warmed our faces as we danced our way down the mountain on slopes that lacked a feverish crowd.  We felt like evil geniuses delighting in the outdoors while others, perhaps, recovered from too much New Years Eve blitz or were “couch potatoed” in for a day of football.IMG_4729

Spending time outdoors is a  constant source of joy for me.  It thrills and fulfills me to be on my skis, my bike, running, walking, taking my faithful canine companion, Savvy, for a walk or hike.  I get re-energized and my day to day focus for living is renewed; I work better and think clearer.

On Black Friday this pass year, REI, the outdoor recreation store, in an empathetic and rogue move decided to close all 143 stores nationwide and paid their employees on the most sacred of all retail days.  The reason: to be true to their values and mission, “Life out doors is a life well lived”. In this unprecedented move the retailer started a webpage #optoutside and asked the public to share their outdoor experiences. Over 1.4 million people posted their “free from shopping” adventures; I being one of them.  To further assist in REI’s decision some National Parks offered free passes to experience the great outdoors.

Today’s blog isn’t about REI, it is about the ethos of its bold move to stay true to what they stand for and represent.  As I look to 2016 this is my resolution to the new year to be true to what I believe and what I represent myself to be.  The seeker of truth in me will continue to expand, grow, and allow myself to be more transparent so others can grow as well.  I have always believed that to heal the world we heal ourselves first and after the magic of 2015 I know I am living at a whole new level and it feels wonderful!

Cheers and Happy New Year!

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