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Iceye was started in 2012 after a joint technology project between Stanford University and Finland’s Aalto University revealed the need for accessible satellite monitoring services in the Arctic. The founding team of CEO Rafal Modrzewski and CFO Pekka Laurila envisioned the development of small, affordable satellites to realize the full potential of SAR imaging. So they secured funding and set about realizing their vision.

Four years later and Iceye has grown to a team of 25 people on the brink of putting a constellation SAR-capable of satellites into space – a move that Iceye believes will see SAR imaging used in completely new ways to further trade, exploration, relief efforts, farming, environmental protection and more.

Meet the Team


Rafal Modrzewski



Pekka Laurila




Software Development Lead



Electrical Engineering Lead



Operations and Business Development



Mechanical Engineering Lead



Radio Engineering Lead



Project Manager




“I first heard about Iceye through a friend and applied for an internship here as part of my studies. Now I have this really interesting role in designing the structure of our satellites and modeling the temperatures they’ll reach. Finland is a great place to live and the Iceye team is a really close group – both at work and after hours!”

Ben, 22, USA
Mechanical Engineer

“I’m probably the oldest person in the company – I feel like a grandpa here! But I was looking for a change, and at Iceye I found it. I used to work in the traditional space industry, where everything is so slow that you feel that projects will never end. This is completely different.”

Ignacio, 35, Argentina
Software Lead

“I work on the power system of our satellites, which means a lot of simulation of solar panels and their integration with other modules. It’s fascinating work. Iceye is an extremely inclusive and multicultural place to work. Everyone is very supportive, approachable and open to new ideas. I’ve felt like part of the team since day one!”

Laura, 25, Venezuela
Electrical Engineer

“I used to fix jets in the Finnish Air Force, write code for interplanetary spacecraft at the European Space Agency, and build combat robots. Now at Iceye I get to do all of these things and more! I love rockets, airplanes and satellites, so my work here on building, testing and operating satellites is literally a dream come true.”

Touko, 25, Finland
Assembly, Integration and Testing Engineer

“When I finished my Engineering studies in Australia and France – specializing in aerostructures – I came over to Finland to work for Iceye. This really is a big happy family! And I love my work on the mechanical and thermal design of our satellites. I’m able to use a lot of my existing knowledge while learning new stuff every single day. It’s the perfect job for me right now.”

Jeremy, 27, Australia
Mechanical and Thermal Lead

Our team is a tight-knit group of experts from a range of areas, including engineering, software development and radar technology. We’re young, driven and strive for excellence in everything we do. And we don’t listen to people who say it can’t be done: we just go out and do it.

Iceye is growing quickly and we’re always on the lookout for curious and motivated individuals with talented minds, specifically in the fields of mechanical, electrical and radio engineering. So even if you don’t see a vacancy advertised, please submit an open application below and you’ll be on our radar for the future!

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Media Kit


Media Kit

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